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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to any agreements or contracts made between the company Bridgewater Construction (UK) Ltd and its client. They shall be binding and accepted by the client prior to the commencement of any works.

This acceptance shall be by written confirmation to the company and be signed by the client or a representative of the same.

1) The client is to provide a working area that is suitable to allow all works to be carried out in a safe and practicable manner. This area must be free from obstacles and obstructions and have a surface that will allow the free access and unimpeded movement of erection equipment and cranes across its surface (3m minimum). It must be levelled and prepared prior to the commencement of any works.


2) Where the contract includes the installation of electrically controlled doors and equipment, it is a requirement that the power supply is in place at the agreed time of installation within 1.0 metre of the motor. (Exact position to be advised).


3) The estimated price will be based on the cost of the materials, transport and labour as at the date of issue. Any unforeseen increases to these shall become chargeable to the client unless a specific period of price fix is stated on the agreement. All increases shall be discussed with the client, allowing mutual agreement by both parties. Foundation prices do not include grouting of bolts or concrete make up to finished floor level or ground level.


4) Bridgewater Construction (UK) Ltd shall in no way be responsible for any damage to any hidden underground services that may be present on the site or in the adjacent area. It will be presumed that the client shall have notified any service providers or relevant authorities that there is to be construction work carried out that may affect their provision of services.


5) Bridgewater Construction (UK) Ltd will not work under live overhead power supplies. The supplier or relevant authority via the client must provide written assurance or confirmation of its safe condition. Any inconveniences causing unforeseen delays and costs during the construction process will be passed onto the client.


6) To allow work to be carried out efficiently, the customer will provide a suitable supply of electricity and clean water, free of charge, wherever and whenever practicable. There must also be provision to restrict access to the construction works by the public, any client employees and all livestock that may be present. Bridgewater Construction (UK) Ltd shall endeavour to assist the client with this issue.


7) Delivery of the goods when a supply only contract is in place shall be through accessible routes of a hard road or similar. Non-access considerations shall be at the discretion and opinion of the driver. The driver will be alone and therefore assistance will be required to unload the goods on site. The client will provide suitable machinery to unload the goods and shall check the items off to his satisfaction. At the Company’s discretion materials may be delivered directly to site by the suppliers to minimise handling and risk of damage. Claims for any missing or damaged items will not be entertained after a period of 7 days from the delivery date. After this time any costs incurred to replace missing or damaged items will be the responsibility of the customer. Delivery dates are provisional and the company will endeavour to meet the said dates as far as possible. Bridgewater Construction (UK) Ltd offers no warranty of its paintwork to steel.


8) All estimated prices will not include the appropriate rates of VAT and will be added to all invoices.


9) Where the company has agreed within its estimate to undertake the excavation and formation of foundations the following must be noted. The estimate is based on the ground being of a suitable nature i.e. no rock or running sand. If difficult ground conditions are encountered then any additional plant, labour, materials and equipment required to carry out the works will be charged to the client at cost plus 5%. No provision has been made to remove dug soil from the adjacent area of the holes. This will be the responsibility of the client


10) Cancellation of the order. If the client chooses to cancel the order after commencement of the works then all costs incurred to that date will be met by the client plus a 10% surcharge. Any costs incurred by the removal of any materials from site will be charged accordingly.


11) All materials, goods or equipment supplied by Bridgewater Construction (UK) Ltd shall remain the property of the company until full and final payment is cleared through the company’s bank account.


12) All client information is handled in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

We do not share your personal details with any other company without your consent. Please see our Privacy Policy on our website or e-mail us at to request a copy.


Payment Terms


Supply only - Deposit is due with written confirmation of the order.  Completion payment is due on (or before) day of delivery of the goods to site.

Foundations – Payment is due on completion of foundations.

Supply and Erect - Deposit is due with written confirmation of the order, and then Stage payments to be as per confirmation.

If payment is not received within 5 working days of building delivery or stage completion, interest will be incurred at the rate of 5% per day.

Payment is due by return on receipt of invoice.



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